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Construction ERP Software

Construction Management System Software

Facilities & Features:

Our dedicated experts have designed the software based on the needs to gain customer satisfaction. For Construction software our USP’s features and facilities are few at your end.

  • Substantially useful for builders, developers, promoters developing commercial spaces, residences, apartments, villas, townships and shopping malls.
  • Can easily manage Customer enquiries, Quotation, tight schedules, incompetent operations and circulated entities and stakeholders.
  • Consequence real time monitoring of estimates, outstanding, Ongoing Projects, time lines of each task, builds up relationship with business partner’s viz. suppliers, contractors.
  • Systematic Project planning, Project costing & estimation facility, Generate highly effective and accurate RA bills.
  • User friendly application to monitor procurement activities and to manage documentation needed to control overall processes.
  • Extensive Quality controlling and Configurable quality check points.
  • Consistently maintain Material Management, Land & Legal Management, Fixed Asset Management, Contract Management and Labor or Human Resource Management.
  • Can manage Marketing & Sales Management, Real-time Cash Flow Management, Financial Accounts, Customer Relationship Management, Tender Management, Client Billing, etc.
  • Revolutionize Equipment & facility management all the processes that relate to Construction Management system.
  • Complete result-driven construction ERP software.
  • Easy and quick access of Labor details, Material details, Supplier Details, Vendor Details, Real Estate agents detail Legal Advocate/Lawyer details as well as Customer details.
  • Integrated modules encompassing land acquisition, project redevelopment & its statutory legal requirements & compliances
  • Perfect CRM, HR and Payroll system, Account Management System.
  • Easy maintenance of Daily ledger on Material purchase, Daily work load, Labor payments, Bill, Vouchers, Reports, Transportation, etc.

Top Benefits

  • SMS Facility to greet customers
  • Timely alerts and reminders to customers about payment plan.
  • Online payment option.
  • Mobile responsive web application.
  • Immediate query resolving.
  • Customer can customize as per their need and requirement.
  • SEO, Digital Marketing for more leads.