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Call Center Management System

Call Center Management Software

Key Points :

Vertex solutions provide exclusive wide range of genre modules includes Call monitoring system, CRM system, etc. to enhance the agent productivity and customer satisfaction simultaneously. Our cloud based service is awarded as best customer service portal by our users.

Facilities & Features :

  • Our Call Center Management software services in Coimbatore, India cater unique features for all inbound, outbound, Bi-Lingual, Order Taking & Fulfillment, Toll Free customer service, Live receptionists, 24/7/365 support, Third party Verification, Surveys, Medical Answering, Appointment setting and blended call centers.

  • We facilitate the importance of your Clients expectation and so each and every module is designed for users to go user-friendly in accessing Administration, Users, Customers, Employees, Reports, Registration, Authentication, Daily call ratings and much more.

  • Our Call Center Management software has covered the basic interface such as SIP Trunk Call, DID calls, Campaign, Leads management, Agent Quality, Live Call monitoring, Call Listen and auto recording, Supervisor Web Client, etc.

  • Our Call Center Management Portal enable agents to engage the customers, like mobility to view their usage, live chat, consoling tools, managing the replies, resolving the queries, updating on their acceptance, satisfactorily feedback, etc.

  • The Call Center consistently can procure the call monitoring like Manual Dialer, Progressive Dialer, Multi Level IVRS, ‘Do Not Dial’ Controlling, DNIS & ANI routing, Call Queuing, Call hold, Call Transfer, Call Conference, Call Hunting and much more.

  • Our Call Center Management Portal reduced call times to service larger customer base, cut costs and retains customer information, record interactions/activities and search widgets in few seconds.

  • The Call Center prominently may focus much more on our call recording features includes Auto Recording Playback, Record Scheduling, Record on demand, & Download Option, much more.

  • Our Call Center Management Portal auto upload the status on dashboard such as Agent Status, Call Status, Outbound Scheduler, Voicemail, Real Time Queue, Campaign Monitor, Real-time Reports, Standard Reports, etc.

  • Our Call Center Management software performs best at customer point of view as our Customer Engagement tools is a key to success, as Calls Audit, Quality Audit, Performance Audit, Case Management, Delivery Support, Knowledge Center support, Track entitlements, etc.

  • Our software supports the following Customer Support, Helpdesk, Phone Answering, Customer Care, Order Processing, Collateral Mail and Catalog Fulfillment.

Benefits :

  • Easier and quicker access to the dashboard
  • Tracks all calls
  • Gives an enterprise scalability
  • Offers effective call management process
  • Helps boost sales
  • Helps generate more leads
  • Manage Large Call volume
  • Reduced costs
  • Improves call quality during peak hours
  • Decrease calls abandonment
  • Increase service levels
  • 24/7/365 support for a fraction of the price
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • SMS/Email /Excel Reports generation
  • Payroll Management System
  • Anytime Support